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Find out the best tips for adventure fishing:

Knowledge is power when it comes to a Fishing. Adventure fishing is not for the faint-hearted, it requires a fisherman with a strong will who is able to welcome adventure in all its forms. Hopefully, after reading stories of those that have gone before, you will be more equipped to get out there and have some incredible fishing adventurers of your own.

How to find the right terrain:

The environment matters a lot when it comes to adventure fishing. If you want to enjoy your experience and avoid any adverse challenges, then make sure to visit our website regularly to check out the content on how to read the environment, its weather, when should you go, and things you should stay away from.

Best gear reviewed:

We all know how important quality fishing gear is, but what gear should you use? There are a lot of unreliable pieces of gear that can hinder your performance and waste your money. Check out our website for more gear reviews and content about the best kind of tools you need as an adventure fisherman.

Adventure fishing in New Zealand:

If you are from New Zealand and have fished at all in our wild terrain then you have probably already have had a couple of adventures yourself. If you are from overseas you are really in for something special. You’ve probably done adventure fishing somewhere else, but in New Zealand, things are a lot different. Put your trust in us when it comes to this topic because we’ve pretty much covered every inch of terrain that can be used for adventure fishing. It’s out there and it’s wild.

The memories of a lifetime with us

We can’t tell how many people share with us stories of their encounters with some wild beasts in New Zealand waters. Adventure fishing is all about that sort excitement  and what you are going to meet. We helped a lot of people step up their game until they are skilled fishermen on the adventure side.

Catch that rare roaming legendary beast with us:

Want to feel like a true adventurer? Then listen up because we will be sharing a lot of info on how to be the best hiking adventure fisherman out there. Take your gear, go on a hike in the bright sun of New Zealand, and be your wild self. Take your fish, grill it yourself t, and eat it , that’s our way. If you think that’s too intimidating? Then just keep reading because we will be posting all the information you need about adventure fishing.

Catching that rare trophy fish

We have some of the most unique and rare fish in the world thanks to the geography of New Zealand. But to approach the rare species is not like approaching regular fish in New Zealand, but don’t worry, this is why we are here.

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