We are a group of very passionate adventurers who just love fishing. We live and work in New Zealand and go adventure fishing pretty much every week. We realised we had to create a website for all the beginners as well as the advanced adventure fisherman out there so they can step up their game and really take their fishing to the next level. If you ever fished in New Zealand, then you probably know that things are a bit different when it comes to the nature of the terrain, what you can hunt, and the fish themselves. This is why we dedicate this website to all things ‘adventure fishing’. This is where we will be posting a lot of content about this topic so you can keep up with the modern equipment and trends.

Topics we cover include; tips and tricks for fishermen, how to start, places to go to, places to avoid, how to pick your gear, things you should have, and so much more. We will also be talking about the skills you need to have as a fisherman so you can enjoy your time in this hobby.

Why choose us: 

Being fishermen, we can tell you that the right knowledge is very important. We had to learn a lot of things the hard way, but we will make sure that you get the information you need so you can skyrocket your adventure fishing game.

We will post reviews

We will post updates

We will post how-to articles

We will keep you up to date with the best places to go to

We will prepare you to expect the unexpected

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